Hey guys. I got an email today – it was from your Unsmiler friend and had a story attached. He told me that once Juliet and I hear the story, we’ll return to Verona. That sounded similar to what you guys were saying, so I asked Vanessa to read it to us. She’s the only person who knew about our …Continue reading →


When Juliet and I arrived in this world, we found ourselves in a small park nearby. Neither of us had gone back there since then, but we decided to go there today. It was the same place, but it seemed totally different. The leaves that had once been so many colors had long since fallen. Now the trees are bare …Continue reading →

The Dumbest Thing

Campus was pretty dead over Thanksgiving weekend. Practically everyone I know here went home. That is, everyone but Juliet. We kind of just ran into each other at Starbucks, and I realized I hadn’t actually seen her in over a week. Turns out we both like gingerbread lattes. So we started talking. All of her friends had gone home too. …Continue reading →

The Longest Weekend

So yesterday sucked. I’m like one of five people working at this store but the boss still insisted on going along with the Black Friday thing. I didn’t get why it had such a grim sounding name until I got stuck dealing with crazy people at ungodly hours. At least I got paid overtime and there was plenty of coffee, …Continue reading →


Hey guys. So some of the dudes asked me to make a flyer for the party they’re throwing tonight. It came out pretty well, so I thought I’d share. This Photoshop thing is really awesome, by the way. I think there might be a future in it for me. I’m probably not going to the party though. Juliet said she …Continue reading →

Thanks for Understanding

So I’ve been reading a lot of your more recent comments, and they’ve been really supportive! I just wanted to say, I really appreciate you respecting my decision to stay here, despite me being such an ass about everything. I don’t know if you guys’ll ever understand just how important this is to me. And to her. I probably sound …Continue reading →


Hey guys. It looks like that joker got the message – I haven’t heard from him again. As for me, I didn’t get in any more trouble or anything. I just haven’t had much time to post lately. Thing is, I got a job. Steve put in a good word for me at the book store where he works, and …Continue reading →

My Answer

Okay, you didn’t leave a return address or even a name, but it sounds like you’re already reading my blog, so you’ll probably see this anyway. First of all, of course I care about her, but I don’t see how that’s any of your damn business. Second, yeah I want her to be happy, and that’s exactly why she should …Continue reading →

Back to Normal

It looks like my life here has finally become stable. After that disaster last week it took me a while to recover, but now it’s almost like it never even happened. I’m really glad for everyone that’s been taking care of me. It really got me thinking about how lucky I’ve been – I owe my life to this world. …Continue reading →

I’m Sorry

I can’t do this anymore, Jules. I hurt you a lot, and I’m really sorry about that. I know I can’t take any of it back, but I’ve been a real jerk. I don’t deserve your sympathy or even your forgiveness. You’ll be happiest if you just forget me and move on with your life. These people will help you …Continue reading →

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